Who are the private health insurers in Portugal and how much should it cost?



The main health INSURERS in Portugal are:

Fidelidade – Multicare

Portugal is rich in Health Plans that are very often sold as insurance but are actually good private health insurance schemes.

Examples are Medicare, CUF Saude etc.

As a rule of thumb – an insurance plan for adults with needed covers should cost 100 -150 euros per month.  You may also see health plans  offered for 5-10-20 euros per month, but these are more like discount cards than real medical insurance.


Answer supplied on 10 May 2021 by Michael Averbukh from Serenity Portugal,  who has been in the field of medical insurance for expats for the last 12 years


What is the prenatal and maternity care like for expats in Portugal?


Both Portuguese citizens and UK expats who pay into social security can receive maternity care through the Portuguese healthcare system.

Prenatal consultations will be free once you have enrolled at the nearest health centre (centro de sade). Much like in the UK, your doctor will give you a pregnancy booklet (Boletim de Sade do Grávida) once your pregnancy is confirmed. This will document all of your medical data during the course of your pregnancy, including consultations, shots, and test outcomes, and it should be kept with you during all appointments, including when you give Birth.

While medical exams are free, any anti or post-natal classes must be paid for. But there is a good selection of courses or groups available, with public health centres, private institutions and online platforms all offering support in matters such as childbirth preparation, newborn care, breastfeeding, and early childhood development such you need them, and have the fund to pay for them.

Parental leave, or licença parental, is an option for all new parents in Portugal, providing that they have paid into the Portuguese social security system for at least six months before taking the time off. Leave will generally last between 120 and 150 days, during which time, those eligible will usually receive their full salary.

Answer supplied in October 2023 by Sonia Rola, a Chamber Member who is a Senior Associate Solicitor and Accredited Family Mediator at Buckles Solicitors LLP.

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