If we get residency can we travel back to the U.K. freely and can we also travel to Europe after 31. 12. 20, as we have been so far?


As referred, you will be able to travel freely. However, you need to pay attention on the number of days you spend in other countries in order to avoid being considered tax resident elsewhere.

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If my wife and I register by 31 December 2020 our intention to reside in Portugal, can you advise how much time thereafter we would get to then actually move and begin living there? (The information is not available as yet on your “Essential Business” website page)


If you and your wife obtain residency rights in Portugal until the end of the current year, you shall become tax residents as soon as possible since these are only obtained with the intention of moving and living in Portugal.

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I am a British resident and I am thinking of moving to Portugal in 2021.  Now that the UK is out of Europe, does applying for Portugal’s Golden Visa make sense for me?  What other options are there?


It will depend on your individual circumstances.  The Portuguese government’s Immigration Service (SEF) explains on its website the benefits of the Golden Visa and also what you need to do to qualify for it.

Article 90-A – Residence Permit for investment purposes – The Official Website of Portuguese Immigration (  

This is a special programme designed to attract foreign investment into Portugal. The scheme speeds up the process for foreign investors from non-EU countries to get residence in Portugal, if they buy Portuguese real estate or invest up to a certain value. Provided they meet the conditions, under this scheme non-EU citizens will receive a Portuguese residence permit and can later apply for full Portuguese citizenship.

You will have to invest a minimum of 350,000 euros in Portugal under one of the qualifying routes, but in return your Golden Visa will allow you to live and work in Portugal and move freely within the Schengen countries. You will need to be in Portugal 7 days a year.  So it may suit you if you are in a hurry to secure your residency in Portugal, have significant business and family interests in Europe and need the freedom to travel around.

If you are planning to move to Portugal to retire, or live permanently there, there are several other visa options available, which do not involve the same investment costs as the Golden Visa.

Non-EU/EFTA nationals moving to Portugal for more than three months will first need a long-term Portuguese residence visa to allow them to later apply for a Portuguese residence permit from the SEF in your area,  Usually, a permit (Autorização de Residência) is granted to allow Portuguese residency for one year. This can be renewed every two years for a total of five years. After this, you can also apply for a permanent residence permit.

All non-EU citizens applying for a Portuguese residence permit will need to demonstrate evidence of sufficient funds and accommodation. There are additional documents and requirements, depending on the reason given for requesting a Portuguese residence permit; find details here, as well as details of fees payable. Information on renewing your Portuguese residence permit is available here.

The Portuguese Immigration Service (SEF) deals with all issues relating to residence permits for non-EU/EFTA nationals.

Residents who are from non-EU/EFTA countries can apply for Portuguese permanent residence after having lived in Portugal for five years if they have a valid temporary residence permit and can prove that they have had a legal and uninterrupted residence in Portugal for the five year period.

Foreign residents can apply for full Portuguese citizenship after six years of residence, although exceptions apply; for example, it’s only three years for spouses of Portuguese citizens and considerably easier for children born to at least one Portuguese citizen or a foreign permanent resident holder.

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I am a British resident and I have a second home in Portugal.  I want to ship a lot of furniture from my British house to my house in Portugal but now, in 2021 under the new rules, I am not sure how to do it.  Can you help?


There are many British residents (and also Portuguese who live here in the UK) who are moving furniture and other items to their homes to Portugal or who are people who own homes in both the UK and Portugal.

To serve these people, there are several specialist companies that run trucks regularly between the UK and Portugal just carrying these personal household items between the two countries.

From 1 January 2021 shippers will need a Baggage Certificate or a Certificate: Importation of Household Effects which allows citizens moving/returning to Portugal to have their personal household goods imported duty free, when coming from a non-EU country.

In principle this certificate will now be issued by the Portuguese Consulate in the UK, who have informed us they are still seeking some further clarity on this topic and will soon have all procedures and guidance published on their website.

In the meantime, you can gain some guidance from the website of the Portuguese Consulate in the USA on the subject

Certificates of Household Effects

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I am British but I already live in Portugal.  However, I didn’t yet update my permit – what do I need to do?


The Portuguese government has updated all its advice on its main portal to reflect the recent completion of Brexit.  For more information click here General guidance on the new residence permits for UK nationals under the Withdrawal Agreement – BREXIT ( and see the general guidance on the new residence permits for UK nationals under the Withdrawal Agreement

The new residence permit will be issued to UK nationals residents in Portugal before 31 December 2020 and confirms their status as beneficiaries of the Withdrawal Agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

This new residence permit replaces the EU residence documents previously issued (Registration Certificates issued by the town halls and Certificates of Permanent Residence issued by SEF – Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service).

The current residence EU documents will be accepted after 31 December 2020 and until the new residence permit is issued.

After registering on this Portal and submitting the form, the UK nationals can download digital proof of their registration – a document, with a QR code  – which can be printed and used when travelling to prove residence in Portugal.

General guidance on the new residence permits for UK nationals under the Withdrawal Agreement – BREXIT (

Information supplied 7 January 2021