Christina Hippisley
General Manager
Portuguese Chamber Of Commerce in the UK
Christina has been the General Manager at the Chamber since 2009.

She started her career in advertising and media relations, working first in London before moving to Lisbon, where she spent 10 years living and working in advertising and media related businesses.

Having built a successful book and contract magazine publishing business in Portugal, with offices in Lisbon and the Algarve, in 1996 she sold the business and returned to London. She then continued her career in magazine and book publishing, working in senior roles at the Hemming Group, Archant Specialist Media, Virgin Books, and Bath-based publishers Merricks Media.

She became a director of the Chamber in 2006.

Christina runs the Moving to Portugal seminars and introduces the speakers.
The Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK is a market-led organisation active in both Portugal and the UK. It promotes and supports two-way business initiatives and bi-lateral trade by organising regular seminars, conferences and networking events across several business sectors.
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