7th March 2023
Londoners with high budgets seek city living in Portugal, new data reveals

New data from the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK has revealed what Londoners are looking for when they move to Portugal. Figures gathered at the October 2022 Moving to Portugal Show in London reveal that it is city living in Portugal that most appeals, with 56% of London attendees expressing an interest in life in Greater Lisbon (compared with 54% expressing interest in the Algarve and 28% in Porto and northern Portugal). That compares with pre-Covid data from the Manchester Moving to Portugal show, when the Algarve topped the list of destinations of interest (with 61% of attendees expressing interest in life in the Algarve, compared to just 42% showing interest in life in Lisbon).


“We can see that Londoners are more interested in city living when it comes to starting a new life in Portugal. There seems to be a correlation with age, as well, with younger movers seeking out city life, perhaps due to the more extensive work options that Lisbon presents – as well as its vibrant and welcoming social scene, and the quality of life that the city offers for young families.”


Christina Hippisley, General Manager of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK


Londoners also have higher budgets when it comes to moving to Portugal and buying property there. 28% of those who attended the London Moving to Portugal show had budgets of over €500,000, compared to 21% of those who attended the last Manchester show. One reason for this is that Londoners were seeking fulltime residency options in Portugal, whereas Mancunians were focused more on second homes.


The Moving to Portugal Shows and Seminars provide attendees with access to information on visas, residency, investment, tax, employment, schooling and healthcare in Portugal, as well as daily life there. They deliver a mix of seminar presentations and panel discussions with the opportunity for one-on-one conversations about moving to Portugal. The next show will take place at London’s Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel on 23rd March 2023, running from 11 am to 9 pm. The show is free to attend, with places bookable in advance.


The events are designed to appeal to attendees at every stage of the emigration journey, from those who are just beginning to make plans to those who are due to move imminently. Interestingly, this is where data from the London and Manchester shows reflect similarities, despite differences in budgets and target destinations. Event data reveals that 34% of respondents at the London show wished to move in less than a year, compared to 35% of those at the Manchester show. Clearly, those moving to Portugal are taking the time to make more informed decisions before emigrating, no matter where in the UK they are based.


“Britons are finding out as much as possible about life in Portugal at an early stage in their plans to move. As such, the range of experts available at the Moving to Portugal Show and Seminars will play a key role in enabling attendees to access the information they need to take their plans forward.”


Christina Hippisley, General Manager of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK