by Namrata Majithia 17th July 2020
Portugal – the Simple Life podcast

Our General Manager, Christina Hippisley, recently joined Dylan Herholdt of Chamber members Portugal Realty as a guest on his popular podcast called Portugal: The Simple Life.

From small beginnings a few months ago, there are now dozens of these podcasts available, and they have been downloaded over 50,000 times, from listeners as far afield as  the US, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden,  Bahrain and Australia. However, a large portion of the listeners are UK-based or UK citizens abroad, in Egypt, Jordan, Malta, Spain and Oman, for example.

If your plans for your property in Portugal include finding out about the details of daily life, as well as enjoying the delicious food,  fantastic climate, friendly people and lots of things to see and do, then Dylan’s podcasts will help.

In this podcast, Dylan and Christina discuss, amongst other things, Christina’s deep connection with Portugal, the long and special relationship between Portugal and the UK, and the work of the Chamber with its Moving to Portugal events and webinars.

Click here to listen in.


More about Dylan Herholdt

Dylan, who has made his life in Portugal, shares an insider’s experience of living in Portugal and a glimpse of the marvellous lifestyle that has captivated foreigners from all over the world. You can join his weekly podcast where he and his guests shine some light on the various aspects of investing and owning a property in Portugal.

More about Christina Hippisley

Christina is an experienced communications professional, with a background in print and online journalism, magazine publishing, corporate PR and events. As the General Manager of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Trade in The UK Christina now specialises in membership marketing, event organising in the UK/Portugal, trade missions and business development between target companies in the UK, Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries.  Although now living in the UK, Christina lived and worked for many years in Lisbon, with homes at various times in Cascais, the Algarve and the Silver Coast region.


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