12th August 2023
Your Health in Portugal – A Complete Guide for Expats

In 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked the Portuguese healthcare system number 12th in its overall ranking of world healthcare systems. The World Index of Healthcare Innovation has also ranked Portugal among the top 10 in healthcare quality due to its patient-centered care and health outcomes. Reflecting these impressive ratings, Chamber member Global Citizen Solutions, a leading provider of relocation and visa solutions worldwide, in partnership with the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK , is now giving a helping hand to expats looking to navigate the Portuguese healthcare system.

“Your Health in Portugal – A Complete Guide for Expats”, gives individuals and families a detailed overview of the Portuguese healthcare system, focusing on both private and public healthcare services.

The newly released healthcare guide, compiled by experts in the field, is available online (via this link https://pages.globalcitizensolutions.com/mtp-portugal-healthcare-guide and features a user-friendly format; divided into 12 chapters for easy navigation. It offers valuable insights into the Portuguese National Healthcare System as well as the private healthcare options available.

Christina Hippisley, General Manager of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK says: “We recommend that potential movers to Portugal thoroughly research the healthcare information there before making their move. Having advance knowledge about something as vital as the health system in Portugal lets people make informed decisions and means they can relax, secure in the knowledge they have covered the main risks. We think the Global Citizens Solutions Health Guide provides comprehensive guidance and support to future movers.”