by Namrata Majithia 14th July 2021
An Insider’s Guide to Comporta

Does an obsession with a region and frequent visits constitute us as insiders? I’m not sure! It quickly feels this way, given our adventures and exploration of the country. For us, the Comporta area still feels remote and somehow undiscovered, yet has plans to rapidly grow over the next decade. I suppose this means we’ll have to visit often to keep our list of recommendations up to date! It’s one of few locations that we’ve researched property options, so, needless to say, we love it!

Our first visit to Comporta was in July 2020, as the infection numbers from COVID-19 drastically improved. Our brief 3-day stop in the middle of a 17-day road trip was a teaser for things to come. As we drove away and down the western coast, we knew we’d be back soon! We were fortunate to visit again later in 2021, this time during the spring. We were excited to spend more time in Comporta and really learn all that the area had to offer over our 2 week holiday.

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