by Carolina Maia 30th January 2022
Foreign citizens and remote workers can now apply to the Portuguese government’s Interior+ Programme

The Interior + Programme, which grants support of up to 4,827 euros to workers who decide to move to Portugal’s interior, has been extended to also include foreign citizens who wish to settle in these territories.

Citizens from other countries can now move directly to the interior, according to Ministerial Order 283/2021, published on 6th December 2021 in the Diário da República.

Remote workers who move to the interior will also be eligible, as well as Portuguese citizens who left Portugal after 2015 and who have lived at least one year abroad.

So far, 771 applications have been submitted, covering 1,380 people (including household members). Of these, 710 people have already moved to the countryside with grants totalling 1.3 million euros.

The direct financial support for those moving to the interior is 2,633 euros, to which a 20% increase for each member of the household is added and a contribution to the cost of transporting goods. In total, the support can reach a maximum of 4,827 euros.

For the official communication, see here (in Portuguese).