7th November 2023
Goldcrest Real Estate announces the second edition of its Expert Guide to Buying Property in Portugal

Portugal, the land of captivating coastlines and rich culture, is not just a destination for holidays. It is on the verge of becoming a global hotspot for investors, start ups, fintech, and expats. With a steady influx of international investment, Portugal offers promising real estate opportunities. Alongside this, the country was crowned the best country to retire to in the 2023 Annual Global Retirement Index, highlighting Portugal’s appeal to expats and investors from all walks of life.


Goldcrest Portugal Real Estate, a local Buyers Agency, is excited to announce the release of the second edition of “Your Expert Guide to Buying Property in Portugal.” This comprehensive guidebook is the newest key to unlocking the immense potential of the Portuguese real estate market.


What is the current state of play in Portugal’s real estate market? Patricia Casaburi, Founder at Goldcrest Real Estate, notes that “although many are waiting for a shift in the property market and for property prices to slow down, at the time of writing this book, prices are still very much on the rise.” In the first quarter of 2023, housing prices climbed 4.3% in Portugal and 7.7% in Lisbon alone.


Christina Hippisley from the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK, which organizes the Moving to Portugal Shows in the UK for those looking to buy property in Portugal, says  “The team at Goldcrest have used an exhaustive range of data to produce this excellent guide, which is independent and authoritative and the best we have seen up until now.”


The book delves into a treasure trove of insights, from an in-depth overview of Portugal’s picturesque landscapes to practical information to make your move to Portugal as stress-free as possible. Readers can also get practical advice on every aspect of buying property, including financing, area guides, and investment ideas. The revamped version comes packed with new data, statistics, the latest information on the end of the Golden Visa program, and a new chapter exploring real-life scenarios. The case studies will help the readers with tasks such as renovating a house in Lisbon, long-term property rentals in Porto, and building your dream home in the Algarve.


Patricia Casaburi, the driving force behind this project, emphasized, “Purchasing a property can be tricky, particularly in a foreign country, but we hope this guide helps make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Whether you are seeking guidance on the mortgage process or you have simply dipped into our guide to discover what life is really like in Portugal, we want to make sure you are equipped with the essential information to make the beginning of your next adventure hassle-free. Have trusted advisors on your side to provide you with tailored insights on your particular situation.”


With this comprehensive guidebook, Goldcrest Portugal Real Estate invites you to embark on an exciting journey into the world of Portuguese real estate. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your mark in Portugal’s thriving property market.